Financial Literacy for Artists, Freelancers, and "Forced" Entrepreneurs

Independent by choice
Often people choose to run a small organization as a freelancer, consultant, or artist because of the flexibility it provides for their life. At the end of the day, having the right skills of the trade still means someone (whether you or someone you hire) has to figure out some of the financial things. 

Entrepreneurs not always by choice
As we worked through supporting financial literacy with changemakers, we found that even if someone doesn't want to start an organization, people are often forced into at least a one person freelance situation.  Many companies don't hire employees like they used to, and prefer to pay people on contract.

The implications and ethics of that are worth a much larger discussion, but for now many people need to know about things like taxes and budgets sooner rather than later, even if entrepreneurship wasn't in the plan. 

Either Way, We've Got Some Financial Literacy for Freelancers
We're excited to spend the next few weeks featuring some changemakers with tips about the financial stuff they've faced and that you might face. You can get it all in one place on our website, but Abera will be breaking some highlights down into bite sized chunks in the coming weeks.