How to get the most from your job when you are still fairly new to the workforce?

How to get the most from your job when you are still fairly new to the workforce?

Quick answer: Be an AVID LEARNER!


I think one of the things that is often overlooked when you are new to the workforce is the feeling of “these are my job responsibilities and so this is all I am able to do”. You do have the option of doing just this, but if you are brand new to the workforce, then I suggest against this. I will describe how having a mindset of a “learner” helped me not only perform well in work, but helped me expand, learn new skills and open the doors for opportunities.


First things, first, really ask what you want from your current job. Key things you may want to ask yourself:

  1. What specific new things do I want to learn?

  2. What can I learn or gain experience in that will put me on the path to where I want to be in the future? This is a must have question!

  3. Is this a job where I can showcase my potential and the things I am strong in?

  4. Have an open mind and be ready to explore new opportunities and roles


Thunder Bay, YSI Gathering

Thunder Bay, YSI Gathering

For myself I was really open to learning and exploring new opportunities that came my way. I also wanted this job as a way to utilize and apply the skills I already had and to expand on them to further implement into new jobs.


Now how do I go about implementing these questions?

Don’t be afraid to ask! This is extremely important, you should never be afraid to ask for clarifications in your job, to ask to take on new tasks or to share your objectives.  As a  community projects coordinator at CatalystsX, well the title says it.. you are coordinating many tasks pertaining to partnerships, social media, etc. One thing that caught my attention was the Northern Lights Collaborative, and something else I wanted to learn which technically wasn’t on my job description was writing grants. So I asked to get experience and exposure in this.


This will indefinitely will lead to results!

After asking, I got to experience transcribing, editing grants and researching information needed for grants. In regards to the Northern Lights Collaborative, I created the event newsletter and assisted with data survey compilations.


Don't forget to also consider what programs, classes and events that are offered through your work.

Outside of work, I was also connected with a large community at Centre for Social Innovation so I attended many events (many were free) which helped me grow as an individual . Don’t limit yourself to just your hours, see what you can do beyond as well!


These are just some examples, but the possibilities are endless and they can be simple or complex! So remember do a great job, but don’t forget what a job can do for you!

Social Enterprise ...UMM... What is That?




A little background about myself before I begin. I actually come from a science background, I got a degree in Bachelor of Sciences with a major in Biology. However, from age 15 up to now I have always volunteered. I've had the opportunity to volunteer at schools, teaching topics on sciences, peaceful conflict resolutions and community building. I've also volunteered at the hospital and at an after-school program that I attended myself when I was younger. Many of the  organizations I have volunteered for were non-profits. Now that I have graduated, I was lucky enough to get employed at CatalystsX, a non-profit organization involved in the social enterprise sector that connects change makers with resources, people and opportunities to allow them to thrive.


This has opened me up to a whole new community that I did not even know existed! Social enterprise--> Solving social problems in order to make a positive difference in communities using business tools such as selling products or services. This was when I discovered Centre For Social Innovation right in the core of downtown Toronto, Spadina, where our main office Is located.


So what have I been doing so far? Summer has ended:(. But it has been an amazing couple of months to really work and collaborate. Being able to do meetings in nice hot weather has definitely been a major plus. On a more serious note… My first project was a great way to start in the social enterprise sector. It was actually a collaboration between social enterprises in Ontario. My task was to find global and national organizations that social enterprises within Ontario can potentially collaborate with. Doing this revealed to me how many organizations there were that do good for the world!

Financial Literacy for Artists, Freelancers, and "Forced" Entrepreneurs

Financial Literacy for Artists, Freelancers, and "Forced" Entrepreneurs

Independent by choice
Often people choose to run a small organization as a freelancer, consultant, or artist because of the flexibility it provides for their life. As we developed our financial literacy program, we learned there’s another category too… many people are “forced” into contract life these days.