“What’s really unique about CatalystsX is it gives you an opportunity to try new things, to answer the question you’ve been thinking about for a really long time.”
— Cx CoPilot

The Cx CoPilot Fellowship is a unique journey for young changemakers in Ontario who believe in the power of social innovation and entrepreneurship to change the world. Our goal is to equip our CoPilots with a unique set of tools to amplify an idea or project that has the potential to change a person, neighbourhood, community, country or maybe even the world.

Participants experience four days of intensive training where they learn crucial concepts in social innovation and entrepreneurship,including systems thinking, design, design thinking and evaluation. We also explore personal development growth, including concepts in the psychology of social change, leadership, mindfulness and scaling change.

Following the training, we support and mentor our CoPilots up to eight months in a peer-to-peer setting to keep the momentum going, explore new questions and re-visit old answers as participants develop their idea and project into a social innovation or social enterprise.

Learn more about our CoPilots here and some of their experiences at the Cx CoPilot Fellowship in the video below!