Our genIMPACT events were a series of educational experiences and workshops designed to spark and stimulate curiosity in personal growth, learning and making better social impact.

Below are selected topics and descriptions of events that we have hosted, as well as photos:

03/24/16 - Social Impact Measurement with Idear
03/23/16 - Financial Literacy with Idear
03/17/16 - Social Impact Measurement with Build Blue
03/16/16 - Financial Literacy with Build Blue
03/15/16 - Social Innovation 101 with Build Blue
03/14/16 - Social Innovation 101 with Idear
03/10/16 - Intro to Social Entrepreneurship with SoJo and Idear
03/09/16 - Intro to Social Entrepreneurship with SoJo and Build Blue

08/15 - Digital Media for a Social World 
06/15 - Your New GPS: Asset Mapping with Dr. Cameron Norman (CENSE Research + Design) and Dr. Alexander Lovell (YouthREX)
06/15 - Network-Driven Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Tonya Surman (Centre for Social Innovation) and Penny Scott (Health Nexus)
05/15 - The Coworking Revolution with Adil Dhalla (Centre for Social Innovation), Clutiv8tor and LAB B
04/15 - Better City Stretch: Share Ideas, Shape Our Region with CivicAction's Emerging Leaders Network
03/15 - Do You Feel Included in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship? 
02/15 - Let's Talk Social Innovation 101 with Dr. Cameron Norman (CENSE Research + Design)

Check out some photos from our 2016 events below, as well as our photos on Flickr