We're working with youth and organizations across Northern Ontario to centre youth leadership, storytelling, decrease youth isolation, and increase organizational accountability to youth voices. This is part of a Collaborative funded by the Strategic Collaborations stream of the Ontario Trillium Foundation Youth Opportunities Fund.  Stay tuned as we share more stories about this work!

See below for info about our launch event, and check out our blog for more updates!

Let's create together!


Launch Event Oct 27 - 29
Gchi Waaswaaganing

Details: www.facebook.com/events/1954318798172631

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What is the Northern Lights Collaborative?
Youth and allied organizations who've come together to support youth leadership and social innovation in Northern Ontario. We recently received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation's Youth Opportunities Fund to carry out this work. 

What's the launch event?

This FREE 3-Day Project Launch event is for Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people in Northern Ontario who want to make change and lead (or are already changing and leading) in their communities, even in the smallest ways.

Thursday Oct 26: 
Travel to Marathon
Dinner together at 6pm at Gchi-Waaswaaganing
Check into hotel

Friday Oct 27:
9am - 7pm Activities at Gchi-Waaswaaganing, all meals included

Saturday Oct 28:
9am - 7pm Activities at Gchi-Waaswaaganing, all meals included

Sunday Oct 29:
Check-out of hotel and travel home

The Northern Lights Collaborative [final name to be decided at the Launch Event!] is a group of organizations that received funding for 5 years from the Youth Opportunities Fund/Ontario Trillium Foundation to try to change the youth social innovation system in Northern Ontario. 

We want to do this through bringing together young people and supportive adults from different parts of Northern Ontario to learn and share over the next 5 years. It is very important that WHAT the youth social innovation system in Northern Ontario is, and WHAT the change is that we want to see in that system, gets to be named and worked on by young people.

This 3-Day Project Launch event will be a learning, sharing and planning experience that we will bring our whole selves to. 

Young people will learn and share project planning skills in deep sharing and listening, facilitation, governance, participatory budgeting, communication strategy development and more. With those skills, young people at this event will then plan several aspects of this 5 year project.

If you are a supportive adult who is interested in this project, please get in touch with us: mariah@youthsi.org (Thunder Bay/Northwest), krista@youthsi.org (Sault Ste Marie/Algoma) or victoria@catalystsx.ca.



Are all expenses paid?

We aim to pay for travel, meals, accommodations, and childcare of everyone attending. Please note that we would love to welcome every young person who wants to attend this gathering; at the same time we have limited funding and will give priority to young people who may not be well-supported or connected in their current community work. No matter what, there will be ways to be involved over the next few years.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! You can bring your kids, we love them! We can reimburse for childcare on site or if you want to leave them at home.