At CatalystsX (Cx), our mandate is to support social innovators and social entrepreneurs – we call them "catalysts" – by connecting them with the best tools, useful connections and right support to thrive. We are always inspired by our vision, driven by our mission and rooted in our values:

Our Vision is to create a world of thoughtful, responsible changemaking.

Our Mission is to cultivate and accelerate catalysts by connecting them with the people, resources and opportunities they need to survive and thrive.

Our Values

  • People Power: Human potential as a leverage point for social change.
  • Better Together: Reciprocal relationships as the heart of community and collaboration.
  • Growth Mindset: Continuous learning and improvement.
  • Paradigm Busting: Pushing the boundaries of the status quo.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Tapping into passion, initiative and a sense of responsibility.
  • Open To All: Honesty and inclusivity through our words and actions.

Our catalysts all share one thing in common: they want to build the world they want to live in. Our job is to help them make that happen and support them in asking questions like “why,” “why not,” “what if,” and “is that possible?” – and then finding out the answers.  

In 2016, we focused our efforts on supporting catalysts through the Cx Academy, a support system for student social entrepreneurs on university and college campuses in the Greater Toronto Area. This support includes our CoPilot FellowshipFinancial Literacy Toolkit and genIMPACT workshops on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. These tools and learning opportunities help our entrepreneurs make changes in their personal lives and transform their communities.

Leading By Example

If you’re curious about our approach to governance, we invite you to check-out our board policies below. We’ve often been the beneficiaries of good ideas, and we would like to return the favour in a karmic-sense with the hope this might inspire or help other organizations who are considering similar policies.