Our programs to connect social entrepreneurs with the people, resources and opportunities they need to thrive. 

In 2016, we launched the Cx Academy to create a support system for social entrepreneurs on university and college campuses in the Greater Toronto Area. The program's success encouraged us to reach out and expand across Ontario and Canada. Our goals are to help students and community members learn about and explore social innovation and social entrepreneurship, connect and collaborate with other social entrepreneurs and plug into Canada's thriving startup and innovation ecosystem.

Our current focus is through the Northern Lights Collaborative with Indigenous youth in Northern Ontario.

CoPilot Fellowship
The Cx CoPilot Fellowship was a unique journey for young change-makers in Ontario who believe in the power of social innovation and entrepreneurship to change the world.

Financial Literacy
The Financial Literacy Toolkit is designed for aspiring or current entrepreneurs who want to change the world, but don't know where to start when it comes to finance and money management.

genIMPACT Events
Our genIMPACT events were a series of educational experiences and workshops designed to spark and stimulate curiosity in personal growth, learning and making better social impact.