Services for Organizations

We support people and organizations making the world better. With a holistic approach, we co-create, support, or lead the design and implementation of projects, programs, and places.  

Our team and committed network of experts are flexible and open to customizing based on your needs.

1. Workshops and Trainings

    Fun, informative, interactive, rich with examples, and based on real-world experience:

  • Social Innovation 101

  • Social Entrepreneurship 101

  • Design Thinking

  • Grant Writing

  • Funding Sources

  • Social Impact Measurement

  • Practicing Your Pitch

  • Intro to the Business Model Canvas

  • Business Plan Writing

  • Job Search for Social Good

  • Financial literacy

  • How to start your own non-profit

  • Work life balance and preventing burnout

  • Working in collective impact successfully

  • Decreasing heartache in tech for nonprofits

  • Intrapreneurship

  • Anti-oppression

  • Accessibility for small organizations

  • Customized training - workshop series, programs, and supports

2. Financial Literacy for (Social) Entrepreneurship Programs

We offer programs based on our website, with the following options:

A) Cx delivers the program through a series of workshops

B) Your organization/a person hired by your organization delivers the content:

  • We provide content guides and slides, printouts, etc.

  • Our facilitation guides are designed to be led by people who themselves are not necessarily financial experts, in order to be accessible to wide audiences

  • Many of our online videos are customizable and can be tweaked for your community group if needed

C) We have a network of experts who can provide 1-1 or group sessions for people you serve who are seeking financial literacy guidance

3. Holistic Entrepreneurship, Changemaker, Incubator, and Fellowship Programs

While most entrepreneurship programs focus on the ventures, we bring a holistic approach that includes the individuals. Instead of just focusing on traditional business metrics and supports (such as financial literacy, which we also offer!) we bring mental health, avoiding burnout, and other important elements. We can:

  • Consult on the setup, running, and evaluation of programs

  • Assist with day-to-day work and administration behind the scenes

  • Provide coaching and connecting services to programs and their participants

4) Evaluation Services

With experience and passion for developmental evaluation and traditional evaluation, including social return on investment, theory of change, logic models, and more, we are happy to:

  • Help set up or monitor your evaluation program

  • Work as a third party to collect and analyze your information and data

5) Collective impact consulting and backbone services

As part of Socent7, one of Ontario’s first formalized collective impact groups, we’ve had several years of experiences at both the high level and nitty gritty. Our experiences have included being the designated “banker” for the collective impact group, including HR hiring for shared employees and services, and maintaining and sharing the collective’s experiences.

  • We’re able to provide direct “backbone” services for organizations who have started or wish to start a collective impact group, including facilitating meetings, evaluation, and administrative work

  • We can also provide basic consulting and information sharing based on our experiences

6) Basic grant, funding, consulting and writing

Whether in a group or individual setting, we’re able to recommend, research, edit, and/or write grants for your organization’s needs.

7) Social enterprise consulting and coaching

Ah, the holy grail of the social innovation world - generating diversified revenue streams.  We have direct experience in setting this up in a variety of contexts, and are happy to help you generate ideas, or provide details on things like how to set up your contracts, etc.

8) Tech Literacy and Experts

We’re particularly interested and experienced in non-profits about to make an investment in either a website, app, or major tool. We’ve learned extensively over the years with our successes and failures, and have experienced web developers who can provide guidance, whether from how to frame your problems for the tech world, or to help you during the interview period to make sure you have exactly who you need!