Services for Organizations

We support young people and organizations serving young people who are making the world better. With a holistic approach, we co-create, support, or lead the design and implementation of projects, programs, and places. Most of our current work is with Indigenous youth in northern Ontario; we have lead staff members in Thunder Bay and Sault Ste Marie.

Our team and committed network of experts are flexible and open to customizing based on your needs.

1. Collaboration

Please get in touch at if you want to chat about CatalystsX becoming partner, lead agency, organizational mentor or service provider for your project or organization aimed at helping young people create the world they want to live in.

We are particularly interested in supporting young leaders who identify as Indigenous LGBTTTQ, person with disabilities or person of colour. We can be:

  • A lead agency,

  • In the background as Organizational Mentor (fiscal sponsor) to reassure funders of accountability for their grant, or

  • Wherever else on a continuum bests suits your idea and the grant-makers preferences.

2. Financial Literacy for (Social) Entrepreneurship Programs

We offer programs based on our website, with the following options:

A) Cx delivers the program through a series of workshops

B) Your organization/a person hired by your organization delivers the content:

  • We provide content guides and slides, printouts, etc.

  • Our facilitation guides are designed to be led by people who themselves are not necessarily financial experts, in order to be accessible to wide audiences

  • Many of our online videos are customizable and can be tweaked for your community group if needed

C) We have a network of experts who can provide 1-1 or group sessions for people you serve who are seeking financial literacy guidance

3) Collective impact consulting and backbone services

As part of Socent7, one of Ontario’s first formalized collective impact groups, we’ve had several years of experiences at both the high level and nitty gritty. Our experiences have included being the designated “banker” for the collective impact group, including HR hiring for shared employees and services, and maintaining and sharing the collective’s experiences. We would be using the latest thinking in collective impact, including a strong emphasis on leadership from the grassroots.

  • We’re able to provide direct “backbone” services for organizations who have started or wish to start a collective impact group, including facilitating meetings, evaluation, and administrative work; and

  • We can also provide basic consulting, training and information sharing based on our experiences.