Changemaker Circles

Trying to make the world a better place, but feeling overwhelmed? Multiple generations gather at Changemaker Circles to share their stories. Learn more here.

Tues, May 30, 6 – 8pm at 720 Bathurst St. (Centre for Social Innovation)

Sat, June 101pm – 3pm at 1489 Dupont St (Youth Action Network)

Thunder Bay (in partnership with PARO)
Friday, June 9, 9:30am - 2pm 521 East Victoria Avenue, Blue Sky Community Healing Centre


Keep the Fire Burning...Without Burning Out

We're facilitating a work/life balance gathering at the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute on June 6.  

-Practical tools and strategies for keeping mentally healthy
-How to prevent overwhelm in a world of constantly competing priorities
-How to identify and prevent common signs of unbalanced mental health such as stress, burnout, anxiety
-Systems which we're part of that contribute to mental health
-An opportunity to share experiences and strategies with others
-Resources you can explore further based on your needs

Tickets here. If you're part of the Cx community, message us for a free ticket code! 

Our financial literacy website is live!

Click around and tell us what you think, and reach out if you'd like a workshop in your community!