Better the World, Balance Your Books Launch Event

Join us in Tkaronto on Wed. Nov 22nd! 

Whether you’ve just got an idea, or you’re already running a social enterprise, nonprofit, or are self-employed and living the gig life, Better the World, Balance your Books can help you make sense of your finances. Come out for an interactive evening as we collectively solve your questions about budgets, invoices, balance sheets, taxes, and more.

We’ll be launching our website full of step-by-step resources for solving your issues, and a long list of trusted experts from all backgrounds committed to helping small businesses like your own. Our workshop materials will also be available for your perusal.

The room will be full of people who’ve had similar experiences, along with experts in the finance world, and we’ll be informally solving problems, helping each other with our issues, and hosting breakouts based on the topics of your choice. Bring your questions, challenges, and opportunities and leave with valuable resources and connections!

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Our financial literacy website is live!

Click around and tell us what you think, and reach out if you'd like a workshop in your community!